data pipelines

Transform, document, and monitor your data on a serverless infrastructure.

Trusted by innovative teams

From zero to full pipeline in minutes.

Built for data analysts.

Bruin enables data analysts to build production-grade data pipelines without any custom code.

SQL & Python Transformations

Bruin enables you to transform your data using SQL and Python without any custom code. SQL and Python transformations are executed in a serverless environment that scales with your data.

Ensure data quality

Using the built-in data quality checks enables building high-quality data assets.

Automated Materialization

Just write the SELECT query and let Bruin take care of building the tables and views for you. It handles incremental updates as well as full refreshes.

Managed infrastructure

All of your assets are built in isolated environments on a managed infrastructure. Bruin takes care of everything for a smooth development experience.


“Bruin solved many pain points for my team, making work not just more enjoyable but significantly more productive as well.”

Moritz Schöne
Moritz Schöne
Head of Data Science at Lessmore

Garbage in, garbage out.

Quality matters.

Data without proper quality checks means you can't trust your data. Bruin provides a simple way to define and run quality checks on your data on a regular basis so that your data is always accurate.

Built-in quality checks.
Every check defined on every asset will be executed after every refresh, ensuring that your data is always accurate.
Custom SQL checks for specific cases.
Define any custom SQL check you want to run on your data. Bruin will run it and alert you if there are any issues.
Blocking by default.
Every check is executed immediately after generating the asset, preventing bad data from ever being used by the downstream assets.
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Keep track of your data lineage

Identify impact within seconds

Bruin builds data lineage automatically across platforms, from raw data to final reports. Understand who exactly is impacted by any change, notify teams, and identify dependencies between teams.

Lineage view on Bruin Cloud
Source lineage
Built-in data ingestion capabilities of Bruin enables you to keep track of ingestion down to the source.
Multiple languages
Automated lineage generation for both SQL and Python, bridging the gap when it comes to lineage.
Generated automatically
Bruin reads all of your pipelines across all of your projects, building a single unified view into your data lineage.
Lineage with all the metadata
Keep track of costs, usage, risks and other metadata within the same lineage view.
Team-level dependencies
It is not just data, but teams that depend on each other. Identify dependencies, optimize organizational structure & data ownership.
Identify impact on teams
Automatically identify teams that depend on each other, identify the impact of changes, and notify the right teams.

Supercharge your data team

Bruin enables you to get the benefits of a central data team without having one. Focus on the business, not on the infrastructure.