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You deserve a better data platform.

We are a bunch of quality-obsessed geeks who are ready to transform the data space.

Data tooling is in a miserable state today. You have to host a bunch of tools, pay for a bunch of services, and still end up with a trainwreck. You hire engineers just to keep the lights on, your analysts or data scientists are not productive, and after all that effort you still cannot trust the data you see on your BI tool.

We believe the future of data teams is decentralized: data analysts, data scientists, and engineers will work very closely with the business teams, supported by intelligent tools. These new-generation data professionals should be enabled to deliver independently, without depending on a central data team or a bunch of other engineers, and the tools should guide these people toward the best practices. The leaders should have visibility into the data team's work, and the data team should be able to collaborate with each other seamlessly.

That's why we are building Bruin.

The industry is transforming, and there is a lot of legacy to be eliminated; however, we are optimistic, which is why we are building Bruin. Our core focus is to make data teams more productive while producing more accurate data, and more reliably. Time-to-insight and cost-per-insight should go down, and lean, distributed data teams should be able to deliver more value to the business.

There are a few principles we are building Bruin around:

  • Unified. Tools that semantically belong together in order to deliver end-to-end work should live together in the same platform, period.
  • Mixed workloads. Data processing is rarely done in a single language end-to-end, therefore, the mixed workload support is crucial. Be it Python, SQL, R, or any other tooling, should be able to run in the same pipeline.
  • Built-in governance. Distributing the data teams should not mean wild-west when it comes to data governance. The primitives should be made clear to individuals with regard to the rules they need to adhere to.

This will be a long journey, but we are here to bring sanity to the ecosystem. We are building Bruin for the next generation of data teams, and we are incredibly excited to bring you your last data platform.

Supercharge your data team

Bruin enables you to get the benefits of a central data team without having one. Focus on the business, not on the infrastructure.